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Friday, June 12, 2009

Indiana State Teachers Association Trust Fund Update

State teachers union vows to end disability payments

The 650 Indiana disabled teachers receiving disability from Indiana State Teachers Trust (ISTA) are in trouble!

journalgazette.net out of Ft. Wayne has reported that Trustee Ed Sullivan has sent a memo saying the trust could not meet it obligations and that the July payment would be the last.

Indiana State Insurance Commissioner Jim Atterholt is quoted:

"How are these 650 teachers from across the state who are currently on disability supposed to feed their families until the lawyers sort everything out years from now?" Atterholt asked. "The honorable thing for the NEA and ISTA to do is to continue to pay claims until they recover the money from the bad actors."

First Transit Employees Rights Blog echos Mr. Atterholt's feelings - The parent, National Education Association (NEA), ought to step up and guarantee that NO disabled teacher will miss a single payment.

I'm sure the lapdog politicians will understand if the envelope is a little short for a while - it's a good cause.

The news just keeps getting better!

The FOX 59 local news reports that ISTA plans to lay-off at least 35, perhaps more, of the unions 150 employees. Why not even less to the politicos and let the workers keep their jobs?They did nothing wrong!

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