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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laser, Inc., James L. Wilson & 30 Pieces of Silver

Under the guise of "public service", Mr. Wilson, President of the labor funded non-profit Legal And Safety Employer Research, Inc., may have earned at least a part of his "30 pieces of silver" when the Franklin Board of County Commissioners, Ohio, first awarded then withdrew a contract to low bidder non-union TP Mechanical and instead gave the work to the unionized W.G. Tomko, Inc.

The contact in question was for work at the, in part, publicly funded Hungington Park Baseball Stadium and under Ohio law, the bid must be awarded to the "lowest and best bidder". "Best bidder" is subjective but there is no doubt, TP Mechanical was the lowest. Not that TP Mechanical was the only non-union contractor to get the boot, OHIOREDNOVEMBER'S WEBLOG was reporting on the Huntington Park Baseball Stadium project and The Franklin Board of County Commissioners as early as January, 2008 and writes that the commissioners planned on rejecting a low bid from non-union The Painting Company of Plain City, Ohio. In fact, OHIOREDNOVEMBER'S WEBLOG reports that an attorney (identified only as Mason) for The Painting Company made the following statement:

“If ever Franklin County taxpayers wanted to know that the county commissioners were trying to enforce a union-only agreement by underhanded agreements, then this is it, plain and simple. Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways and stop.”

We don't know who writes OHIOREDNOVEMBER'S WEBLOG but we'd bet (s)he is not a Democrat Party supporter and it's obvious that (s)he is not a fan of freshman Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OHIO District 15). Congresswoman Kilroy was a Franklin County Commissioner when Huntington Park was being build and seems instrumental in awarding contracts to union companies. Really? Please, not another labor union lapdog politician! She ran for Congress (and won) in 2008, so information is easy to come by:
Non-itemized Individual Contributions $438,299

Perhaps OHIOREDNOVEMBER is on to something with the critical Kilroy posts; her contributors reads like a who's who of labor union heavy hitters. The same as with Obama, time will tell if we have the best government big labor can buy.

Charles Dudley Warner told us "Politics makes strange bedfellows". Old Charlie died in 1900 and didn't get to see the 2009 labor movement so perhaps we need to take the liberty to update his quote: "Politics and labor movements make strange conspirators"

Strange indeed to link a union toady California 501 (c) non-profit, LASER, Inc., that advocates for Nevada hunters and attacks non-union contractors to a big labor lapdog County Commissioner turned Congresswoman.

Legal or not, it feels slimy because the unholy alliance was bought with the sweat of unwitting American Workers!

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