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Monday, June 22, 2009

Union Toady "Public Service" Non-Profit Slime Factor

I.R.S. code 501 (c) 5 "provides for the exemption from federal income tax of labor, agriculture and horticultural organizations" Hence the common reference to a "501 (c) 5 non-profit". On March 31st, 2002, the I.R.S. recognized 58,962 organizations under the code. Any bets that the number is considerably higher in 2009 and that very few have anything to do with agriculture or horticulture?

The majority are exactly what they claim in public: International, national, district or local labor unions with a stated purpose of "representing the member workers". I would suggest that the true purpose of these labor unions is to stay in business at any cost; regardless of the damage they to to the majority of members and the economy. But why split hairs, everyone can make up their own mind.

I am dismayed at the rampant corruption that exist within big labor and I take particular exception to the liars at the "public service" labor union non-profits trying to blow smoke up the public's butt! For the most part their claims and campaigns are laughably ineffective but politicos go after big labor money as rabidly as a stallion after a mare in heat and the potential for real harm exists (Employee Free Choice Act).

When I read an article about one of these clowns going after so-and-so, I apply the "mama test" to assess the worthiness of their claims; if Mama would have disapproved, I afford them no credibility. Mama grew up poor in the Great Depression and loved the unions but hated hucksters, flim-flamers and liars. For her sake, I'm glad that Mama isn't alive today.

My own minuscule contribution to the effort trying to expose these "wolves in sheep's clothing" is to start locating and publishing these frauds yearly I.R.S. tax returns, form 990. There is a new section on Union Disclosure Blog titled "Labor Union Funded Non-profits {501 (c)} form 990". Many of these organizations are covered by the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act and must file a yearly disclosure (LM-2, LM-3 or LM-4) with the Department of Labor. I'll continue to post these disclosures as I get time.

Perhaps there is a need for a "Public Service" Hall of Shame and my candidates for today are Chris Chafe - CTW (Change To Win), Bob Balgenorth - CURE (California Unions for Reliable Energy) and James L. Wilson - Laser, Inc. (Legal And Safety Employer Research).

Change To Win (CTW) deserves at least a honorable mention for the "CVS - Unlock The Condoms" campaign. CVS, a pharmacy giant, is being attacked as racist because, in certain areas, they put "at risk of walking out of the store" condoms in locked displays. Mr. Mike Angelis, CVS Director of Public Relations:

"In stores where condoms have been heavily shoplifted, a selection of condoms may be kept in a locked display to ensure that there is a stock available for customers to purchase," he said in the statement.

"In stores that have a locked condom display," he continued, "we maintain a selection of condoms that are not locked and are available for customers to purchase without asking for assistance from store employees."

Apply reason and logic and see what makes sense. A store, in business to make money, would make buying rubbers difficult for people of color (perhaps a vast Zionist conspiracy?) or they're trying to protect easily shop-lifted items in stores with a history of losing certain brands?

CTW's Chris Chafe, Executive Director, and the Leadership Council, a rogues gallery of union heavy hitters, deserve an award for comming up with this idea. I find the suggestions by CTW insulting and racist - and I'm an old white guy.

California Unions for Reliable Energy (CURE) headed by life-long union supporter Bob Balgenorth are proud of their labor union ties and deeply concerned about the environment as shown by their relentless pursuit to protect California's short noses kangaroo rat and the ferruginous hawk as reported in the New York Times and The Union Label Blog.

I agree, Ausra should not build a solar power plant if it's going to harm the short nosed kangaroo rat, they're cute little buggers! But, Bob, ole' buddy - why would you throw your full support behind the BrightSource Energy plan to build an even larger solar power plant in your state?

What? You're kidding me; Ausra's "ecological" damage was a refusal to commit to union labor?

"One big difference between the projects? Ausra had rejected demands that it use only union workers to build its solar farm, while BrightSource pledged to hire labor-friendly contractors."
N.Y. Times

I searched for either a form 990 or LM-2 from CURE and could find neither. My assumption is that CURE is a 501 (c) 5 labor union and should have filed both forms at some time. I'm not particularly surprised there is no form 990 because the requirement is only that the non-profit keep it on hand for public perusal but I did expect to find an LM-2. Perhaps the LM-2 is hidden somewhere?

My personal favorite "Bonehead Idea of the Century" (the envelope, please & a drum roll) has to be the claim, by James L. Wilson of Legal And Employer Research (LASER), Inc., that a Nevada mine construction project they opposed "would drive off game and harm members who hunted there". I get confused when thinking about LASER - it's either a dupe of the NRA, pretending to be a labor union pretending to be a public safety advocate OR someone actually thought that the claim the mine would harm hurting would hold sway with the court. It didn't work and LASER was found to have no standing in the case.

Save the rat, kill the deer and unlock the rubbers!

Certainly causes that benefit union members. Perhaps all members need a dues increase; I'm sure there are many other worthy causes the unions need to address.

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