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Monday, June 1, 2009

Three Month Anniversary & Editorial Policy

Today marks the three month anniversary of First Transit Employee Rights Blog and over 1000 unique visitors (based on IP address) to the blog. Perhaps now is a good time to restate the editorial policy since the blog seems to have caught the attention of many of the folks mentioned and a number of large law firms, representing both labor and management.

The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone - I take full responsibility for anything I write. I research, to the best of my ability, any story I present as fact and again take full responsibility for what I write.

I am human and will make mistakes from time to time but I believe everything I write to be true. Still, I advise the reader to consider what I write as a biased view and to verify my "facts"; the same advice I'd give regarding anything they read or hear. I believe a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing. 

Anyone is welcome to comment, criticize, applaud or even tell me I'm a moron. I will edit for civility but never for an idea. If anyone would like to be published, they can reply to a post or send me an email with a post they'd like to see - keep it decent and it will get  posted  intact. 

If you can get any fairer than that, let me know how.

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