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Friday, June 26, 2009

Union Corruption Update

Back when I was a new and naive blogger (a few months ago) and just learning about all the corruption that exist in the labor movement, I would dutifully comb through the reports and post the stories of the latest union criminals.

Now, as a grizzled veteran, I leave that task to the experts like Carl Horiwitz, blogging at the National Legal and Policy Center. It's still interesting but geez, I wish you crooks would slow down; Mr. Horiwitz's post is twelve (12) pages long this week! Give us a break and put your hands in your pocket instead of the till until we recover from our carpal tunnel syndrome.

Times are tough for us all - but we don't have a union piggy bank to raid.

Speaking of tough times, Mr. Horiwitz reports that poor ole' Andy Stern, President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is desperately trying to nurse his financially strapped union and critically ill pension fund, SEIU National Industry Pension Fund (NIPF), back to to health. Both are on life support and the feds were notified March 31st, 2009, that as of January 1st, 2009, NIPF was critical.

Andy has enough problems and we hate to pile on but how many brains does it take to figure out that spending $60.7 million dollars to buy a president isn't a smart move during a depression. Drop by some day Andy, I still have enough to left in my pocket to buy you a cup of coffee.

Mr. Horiwitz also tells us that SEIU may be on life support but still strong enough to take on the Terminator to see who actually controls California. Arnie, baby, you still have those big muscles and more money - kick his butt!

caricature by James Hungaski


  1. Should you wish to have your eyes opened to the vast amount of union corruption, we have posted the last five years' worth of union bosses with sticky fingers on 1-888-NO-UNION.COM. Take a look, you'll be amazed.