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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Legal And Safety Employer Research (LASER), Inc..

654 Kentucky St.
Gridley, CA 95948

What is LASER, Inc. and what goes on in the nondescript building at 654 Kentucky St., Gridley, California? For that matter, where the hell is Gridley? Never heard of it and and maybe you can't even get there from here! As I learned, Gridley is a small town (population 6250) 60 miles north of Sacramento. I've heard of Sacramento.

Casual research on LASER turn up little more than a slick, professional website devoted to attacking the construction industry:

"LASER is publishing information that contractors do not and will not publish about themselves."

The altruistic stated goal of LASER is:

"an effort to promote safety, productivity and honesty in the construction industry."

Very commendable and fair since Laser has a policy to allow the targeted contractors to reply:

"These contractors have been given the opportunity to review this material for errors and inaccuracies."

I'm just an ole' country boy but dawgonit, call me skeptical. I always ask whose ox is getting gored and searching LASER's websites doesn't give a clue as to who is doing the research and more importantly, whose dime is paying for it. I'm proud of my efforts and take every opportunity to shamelessly self-promote myself. You might guess the folks at LASER are very modest or intentionally trying to fly under the radar but you'd be wrong.

No one is trying to deny LASER their First Amendment Rights but dig a little deeper and it looks like LASER is trying to fool us, nay, not just fool us but treat us like idiots with their transparent scam to convince us they're in the "public service" business. First Transit Employee Right Blog makes no comment as to the accuracy of their contractor criticisms, I'm certain the companies targeted have the resources to protect their names if need be. We just insist on knowing who LASER actually holds allegiance to. As Peter Boyles, a local radio talk show host, likes to say, "Please don't pee on my neck and try to convince me it raining"

I'll not spent an inordinate amount of time on LASER since I asked Mr. Brett McMahon, VP - Miller & Long Concrete Construction (a company in the LASER cross hairs at one time) , for his comments and received the following reply (published with permission):

Brett McMahon

to me
show details 4:32 AM (3 hours ago)
Follow up message
They are paid by LIUNA in our case. I have searched California's Non-Profit database and have found some of their 990's.
The really funny part about them is their total ineffectiveness. Other contractors that have been pursued by these clowns have considered suing them. However, none of the contractors have been able to show a loss in market share as a result of a LASER attack. In fact, most contractors actually think that their business has improved after the attack! Talk about a counterproductive waste of money!
Funded by Labors' International Union Of North America?
***"Say it ain't so Joe?".

Mr. McMahon was kind enough to attach the LASER 2004 IRS required form 990. My old Southern Baptist preacher used to tell me you'd go to hell for lying, the same as for murdering or stealing. In fairness, perhaps it's not a lie when you cross your fingers for the public and disclose your true identity to the IRS (where do I find this information on the LASER website?):

It doesn't matter, just a little white lie, so what other information is available? LawKT.com in their secondary boycott publication writes the following:

Proactive Labor Strategies To Site
...(iv) LASER Legal and Safety Employer Research, Inc. ("LASER") is a group based in California which has engaged in letter writing, leafleting and boycott campaigns against owners and developers who utilize selected contractors, such as The Industrial Company ("TIC"). Owners or developers who wish to combat such interference may also file charges with the NLRB alleging that they have engaged in an unlawful secondary boycott of the owner or developer pursuant to Section 8(b)(4) of the National Labor Relations Act.

Unfair labor practices? - it can't be; unions are democratic, fair and balanced, looking out only for the welfare of their members and workers in general. Wouldn't attacking the major construction employers, for personal gain, potentially hurt the workers?

As Mr. McMahon points out, LASER doesn't seem to be very effective but we do have to give them at least a B- / C+ (changed my mind, C- at best) for effort. The earliest mention I can find is an attempt to interfere in a Nevada Bureau of Land Management case that seems to have began in 1991:

LASER identifies itself in its notice of appeal as "a non-profit group that reviews many large industrial projects throughout the Western United States, including many mines." It contends that "its members and supporters will be exposed to human health harms" as a result of the project. (Request for Stay at 3.) It also avers that many members and supporters of LASER frequent the area in and near the mine for recreational activity, including hunting, so that they would be harmed because game would be driven off, causing a loss of hunting opportunities.

DENIED for lack of standing but PETA members take note - LASER is a pro-hunting group! Strange bedfellows, indeed. What's next? Additional funding from the NRA?

It's even more interesting because this action is from 1991 and according to the California Secretary of State, LASER wasn't incorporated as a California non-profit until May 26th, 1994. Laser has had the same address since the beginning so no wonder their attempted interference was denied, they hadn't even bothered to incorporate yet.

The major players are a bit shadowy but we're able to identify James L. Wilson as the Agent for Service and current President of LASER. According to MANTA, James L. Wilson is the President, LASER has eight employees at the 654 Kentucky St. location and "sales" of $580,000 per year. Hmmm, what are they selling? Perhaps sales is a euphemism for "labor union toady". Regardless, it pays pretty well - James reported his 2004 LASER income as $94,930 - whee, dogie! I wonder if they're hiring?

One last place I looked was the domain registration record for laser-inc.com. The terms of use indicate that it's not legal to "repackage" the information provided so rather than post the results, I'll just say that anyone interested can do a "whois" for laser-inc.com and find it for themselves. Hello, Jackie Sweet - are you still the administrative contact? If they're still around, I'd also like to say hello to William Wright, Rod Cameron & Joe Thompson, the unpaid board members - does your momma approve of the way you do business? Mine wouldn't!

I'll email a link to this post and give LASER, Inc. an opportunity to reply, with an unedited post, if they have anything to say. I'm an open book with regard to my motives (strongly pro-American worker & anti-union corruption), blog funding (my pocket) and my friends (anyone who'll publish or promote me). Pony up, LASER - tell us which labor unions are footing the bills for your operation!

This is a public service post in the interest of public awareness.

***Attributed by the newspapers to a young baseball fan whose dreams were crushed when he asked the question of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Jackson admitted he had conspired with other players on the 1919 Chicago White Sox to throw the World Series.

When Joe Jackson left criminal court building in custody of a sheriff after telling his story to the grand jury, he found several hundred youngsters, aged from 6 to 16, awaiting for a glimpse of their idol. One urchin stepped up to the outfielder, and, grabbing his coat sleeve, said: "It ain't true, is it, Joe?" "Yes, kid, I'm afraid it is," Jackson replied. The boys opened a path for the ball player and stood in silence until he passed out of sight. "Well, I'd never have thought it," sighed the lad.

The heavily favored "Black Sox" lost to the Cincinitti Reds in the series and even though Jackson and eight other White Sox players were acquited at trial, all were banned from major league baseball.

Image from Google Maps

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