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Sunday, June 7, 2009

It Shall Be Illegal............

No doubt about it, I don't like to pay taxes!!

I wish that I had a choice but as a citizen I understand that I have to contribute to running the government (regardless of how poorly I think the job is being done) and will continue to do so.

Besides the government, only one other group can force my employer to withhold money from my paycheck, a LABOR UNION! Certainly if I owe someone money they can go to court and garnishee my wages but in that case, I have a right to due process and the withholding is done under the auspices of the government courts - no such right regarding Labor Unions exist in 28 of the 50 states.

I didn't get up one morning (at 60 years old) and say "Gawd, I know what my life is missing. I need to learn to drive a bus and join a union." The conversation with myself was more along the lines of "I'd better find a job today. It's cold and I really don't want to have to start sleeping outside" Yes, I knew going in that paying dues was a requirement if I wanted to keep the job but after two years of paying dues, and getting NOTHING in return, I'm a lot wiser and more cynical - the answer to why forced unionism is allowed to exist is simple - it's a government protection racket that generates billion of dollars in contributions to union lapdog politicians and ultra left wing (can you spell socialist?) organizations. Any other group running the scheme would long ago have been prosecuted and jailed under RICO.

I'm sure that there are honest unions (perhaps those with only two members?) where the goals of the officers are to actually represent the members but surprise! You local has no requirement to actually do so. Sure, there is something called "failure to represent" but the standards imposed on unions are so lax that incompetence and stupidity are a legitimate defence against a "failure to represent" complaint. In Colorado, and the other 27 states without right-to-work laws, you can be forced to spend your hard earned money for that level of representation. Sigh!

There is a simple solution; my own version of The Employee Free Choice Act:

It shall be illegal for any employer or union to require payment of union dues as a condition of employment and it shall be illegal for any employer to withhold union dues from an employee's wages without the express written consent of the employee.

Simple, straightforward and true free choice.

Let the corrupt, fat-assed, do nothing except play on the Internet (facebook) union bosses live under those rules and compete for my dollar, instead of having government protection and being able to confiscate it, and we'd see how long unions stay around!

I'll close with a reminder to all union members. You are the union and the officers work for you. When they enjoy the generous salaries, perks and benefits you provide and give nothing back, is it any wonder that the public perception of a union member is so low? The officers are the most visible and certainly do little to dispel the myths.

P.S. Unions have chosen to use the "Union Rat" (pictured above) in their protests. It's their symbology not mine.

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