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Saturday, March 7, 2009

ATU Local 1001 and the Officers - Mistake?

LOCAL 1001?
If you've been around for a while you'll remember that First Transit employees were members of ATU Local 1755 and there were evidently some shenanigans going on with the officers. The CBA we were working under until November 30th, 2008, was "negotiated" by Local 1755 and all Local 1001 did was change the cover and state that all references to 1755 now read 1001.
We had a vote in, if I remember correctly, March 2007 and voted (me also) to join Local 1001. I believe that Local 1755 had trustee's running the local and the NLRB was in the process of decertifying the local. Anyone is welcome to correct my faulty recollection.
Regardless, we joined Local 1001. Was that a mistake on our part? We also elected the current officers. Was that another mistake? If you'll read the by-laws, you see that the local has four elected officers: President and Business Agent, Financial Secretary-Treasurer and Assistant Business Agent (hint: Julio, you need to talk to your webmaster and correct you title-it isn't very professional looking), Recording Secretary and Recorder and Vice-President. All positions are paid out of union dues and with the exception of Vice-President, are full time. The salaries are on record if you're interested. All I'll say is I wouldn't mind being the President :-) If you click on the title of this post, it'll take you to the Local 1001 Officer's page so I won't go through a run-down on who's who.
The only officer I had met prior to my termination was Howard. Real nice guy and I like him a lot. I haven't met Holman but I have had the "pleasure" of meeting Julio and Rudy. A public question: Mr's Rivera and Trujillo, where did you get your law degrees? You must have one because you were giving me "legal advice". That's fine but your "advice" stinks and in my opinion neither of you has a clue! I also don't care what RTD does because I never worked for RTD. Also, in my opinion, if you have 30 years in the business, I suspect you've have the opportunity to harm a lot of other employees. My final question, who do the officers work for, the union members or the companies? I'll admit, there are serious doubts in my mind.
I've changed my mind, I do intend to file a formal grievance in accordance with the CBA. There's one little problem. I was terminated on January 26th, 2009 and there was a new CBA ratified on January 10th, 2009. According to Rudy, there is not ever a draft copy and the member copies are "at the printers". Hmmmmm, March 7th. Has anyone seen the new CBA? My certified letter basically requested that we put the process on hold until I've had the opportunity to examine the contract that will dictate the grievance procedure I have to follow. We'll see what the answer is.
I talked to Howard last week and explained to him that I'm up-front about most things I do. I don't make threats but I do figure out my options and exercise my rights. After I've done it, I'll give you a heads-up so it's not a surprise. To date, I've sent Holman & Julio an invitation to follow this blog, talked to Howard and told him I was willing to meet to discuss our differences and filed a complaint with both ATU International and the NLRB. My complaints are the union's process in the contract ratification election and interference with my guaranteed grievance rights. Perhaps I'm a fool and nothing will come of my complaints. I'll keep you posted.
I've added a poll button to my blog. Judging by the attitude of some of the members I've talked to, the union doesn't seem to be held in very high esteem. There is a process for members to remove a union in the NLRA (see link to NLRB) and if there's enough interest, I'll explore the steps necessary to actually petition for removal. I'll warn you that it's public if you decide to try. Retaliation is illegal but.............

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