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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Response to Gary

I sent Gary a response and I hope we can finally put this Article 34 nonsense to bed once and for all. I publicly stipulate (and have agreed since day 1) that First Transit did not violate Article 34 (B) of the CBA. I have always claimed they violated "just cause" but for whatever reason, their response has always been "Article 34". Oh, well, I guess when you have no defense the only strategy you can follow is circle the wagons and make your last stand. Or, perhaps I'm just not capable of getting the "big picture" and I really am a fool :-).

12 visitors (not counting me) to the blog yesterday! Keep going guys (and gals). I really would like to hear from other folks who were terminated from employment at First Transit in the last couple of years, particularly if you were on FMLA and/or Medical Leave of Absence prior to termination. FMLA has a two year (three under certain conditions) statute of limitations.

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