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Sunday, March 15, 2009

ATU Local 1001 LM-2

I thought it would be interesting to share some more information off the LM-2 the local filed for July 1st through December 31st, 2007 (six months). I've already posted the amounts that went to Holman, Julio, Rudy and Howard so I won't repeat it.

All Officers and Disbursements To OfficersCheck Spelling

Yvette J. Saazar - Past Business Agent $4,536
Anthony K. Hauck - Chief Steward $5,395
Angelo Martinez - Chief Steward $3,763
Dustun Marinez - Chief Steward $4,257
Harlan K. Parran - Chief Steward $3,386
Todd K. Platten - Chief Steward $10,799
Yogi Williams - Chief Steward $690
Daniel P. Delin - Chief Steward $3,904
David D. Foltz - Chief Steward $2,584
William R. Fuson - Chief Steward $7,314
Michael D. Harvey - Chief Steward $6,262

Total Officer Disbursements (includes officers already mentioned) - $171,186

Disbursements to Employees

William B. Jones - Lawyer $42,438
Daniel Sundquist - Organizer $20,431

Totals Received by Employees Making Less Than $10,000 - $26,536

Total Employee Disbursements - $89,406

I have no reason to believe, nor do I in any way suggest, that the local is being ran in any way that should trouble the members. All I'm doing is gathering public information and posting it in a convienant place for the folks who pay the bills.

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