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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & PDF Files

I started working on the Internet many years ago (back in the days of dos commands, remember ping?) and was mighty impressed when Internet Explorer first came out. I no longed had to remember a bunch of esoteric commands and the internet was was actually becoming a useful tool.

I used no other browser (well, occasionally NetScape) for all those years but I think I've changed my loyalities. I downloaded a copy of Google Chrome and I have to say "I'm impressed". Impressing me doesn't take a lot so I leave it to the reader to download their own (free) copy and decided for themselves.

I particulary like the "tab" feature for opening new windows. Internet Explorer has tabs but Chrome has a much more intuitive feeling, at least for me, and I seem to navigate between windows more easily with Chrome.  It's a very simple download and installation.

On a different note, I'm looking for a way to get all of my PDF files to open in a new browser window rather than asking if you want to download. I've finally learned enought to be able to ask (hopefully) intellegent questions about what I need to do. 

I'll gladly offer any help to I can give to anyone interested in creating their own blog. I've learned a lot in the last month so I actually consider myself at the early novice stage and I'm certainly willing to share what I've learned. Happy blogging!

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