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Saturday, May 30, 2009

150united.com The "secret" I.U.O.E website

It's Saturday night and I was doing a little research for a blog I'm considering, "Employee/Union Member Survival Resources". It won't be the normal "company or union resource" site but rather a site for the employee/member who's tired of the typical company and union crap and wants to see some options that would actually benefit the employee/member for a change.

I see the need for:
  • An interactive "Beck" letter generator
  • An interactive decertification/deauthorization petition generator
  • links to the various sites offering free legal advice for union members
  • links to the NLRB/NLRA and DOL LMRDA
  • advice on how a member files a "failure to represent" against their union
  • advice on how to file a union LMRDA violation with DOL
  • advice regarding laws such as FMLA, ADA, EEOC, etc.
The site would offer no legal advice - strictly practical advice based on experience and research.

So, a pleasant evening with google and a couple of DOS EQUIS Lager Especial (with sliced lime, of course!). I googled "labor union decertification" for background and after following a few links came across International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) 150, the longtime IUOE 150 boss, Bill Dugan, who "retired" after the F.B.I. raids in 2008 and the decertification struggle that seems to be on-going.

Much more a thriller than I could resist so I went further down the path and eventually came across the following google entry:

  1. Login

    Note: In order to access this Web site, you must be a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers (“IUOE”). If you are not an IUOE member, ...
    www.150united.com/ - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

    Obvisously, a page with that warning needs to be investigated so I clicked it:

    Despite the VERY CLEAR warning that my attempt to enter was prohibited by law, I still did so, as clearly shown by the screen when my attempt was denied. I now feel so guilty at having broken the law I must confess:

    Dear Pin-Headed Union Toadie:

    I "illegally" attempted to enter 150united.com on or about 7:30 PM, May 30th, 2009, using the register number "123456789" and "Larry Seale" as  the name. My attempt was not successful and it was just too boring to keep trying.

    I'm now sitting in the dark, shaking and waiting for the law to arrive - all the while wondering exactly what law I've broken? Is it possible that the moron(s) who thought up the warning was "just kidding"?

"you'll never take me alive, you dirty copper!"

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