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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees & Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union

Whee doggie! The National has a lot of money but that's to be expected - 366,958 local members and receipts of more than $141 million! Of course, the National has to have a lot of rev-e-news when they dish out $41,502,155 to the boss-es & em-ploye-s. I guess they just trying to keep the un-emply-ment rate low!

The comments section is interesting: lawsuits, employee theft, money going everywhere - you need an accounting degree to understand it! The comments do pose a question. If the union is currently undergoing an audit to determine if the LM-2 is correct, how can they answer "yes" to question 12? I thought you were supposed to conduct an audit prior to filing.

12. During the reporting period did the labor organization have an audit or review of its books and records by an outside accountant or by a parent body auditor/representative?Yes

Picky, Picky.
I leave the $10,768,258 depreciation of a $12,294,826 asset (office furniture and equipment) to anyone who understands IRS Pub 946.

I'm not the only fan of UNITE HERE. A quick google turns up, among others, UNITE HERE EXPOSED. Read a little and it seems that the 2004 merger between UNITE and HERE has come apart at the seams.

Former UNITE leaders Bruce Raynor (suspended April 21st from his job as UNITE HERE general president) and Edgar Romney have teamed up with, who else, SEIU strongman Andy Stern against their rival, former HERE boss, John Wilhelm. It's open conflict and blood in the streets (not really but one can dream now and then:-). Read Ben Smith's reporting.

I say "Keep up the good work" to the whole bunch.

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