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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roland Burris & Blago - Chicago's Dream Team

Bloomberg reports that the FBI may (and the radio news just said would) turn over a wiretap to the Senate Ethics Committee, reportedly a conversation where Burris offered Blago's a "Blago campaign contribution" for the vacant Illinois senate seat.

"Senator Burris does not object to the Senate Ethics Committee hearing the tape", said his lawyer.

I would remind the Senator that Gary Hart, John Edwards and Bill Clinton, to name a few, also said "bring it on" and we see the results. Two who were never elected and one  who was impeached, though acquitted.

Perhaps it just Daley politics as usual out of the Windy City state but when the wind is blowing west, the stench is obvious even in Colorado.

You say Roland Burris has ties to mob controlled unions ? Who knows what the truth is?

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