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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's April Second, Where's Your LM-2?

A little house-keeping first:

I've upgraded the visitor map and if you'll click on the blog main page map, you can zoom in to a continent by clicking on the world map that's displayed. I've moved a number of files to the new file host and they'll open in a new browser window now. Some of the files are large and still take time to load so I'm looking for a way to reduce the size to get quicker loads. Time is money!

ATU Local 1001 news:

Well, I'm disappointed again but I guess I'll get used to it. Local 1001 was required to file their 2008 LM-2 with The Department of Labor by yesterday. I had requested, as is my right, they send me a copy. ALAS, THEY DID NOT DO SO!

What is a body to do? This body will write another letter to the local in the next day or so and ask for the information again. I'm still trying to curb my propensity to hastily explore multiple remedies for a solution to one problem.

First Transit Update:

I seem to be spending a lot of my free time talking about the union and not giving First Transit the attention they so rightly deserve. As you recall, I contend that First Transit, at a minimum, violated my rights under FMLA, the CBA and Company Policy.

My attempt to secure union representation was met with ridicule so I started the grievance process on my own. My grievance was denied as I expected and I sent a letter of rebuttal. Also as expected, that letter was ignored and I've likened the inaction to "circling the wagons". Perhaps I'm wrong and people feel that I'm of no more consequence that a flea on an elephants butt. I would much rather you tell me I'm full of **** than just ignore me. 

Accordingly, I've written a letter to:

Mr. Mike Murray
CEO and President, First Transit
600 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202 

I also copied the letter to:

Mr. Martin Gilbert
Chairman, First Group plc
395 King Street
Aberdeen, Scotland
United Kingdom
AB24 5RP

Do I expect Mr. Murray or Mr. Gilbert to actually read my letter. Of course not! However, someone will, and it can never be said that I didn't make my complaints public and give the company ample opportunity to respond prior to exploring potential legal action. 

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